Manager Change - Bulk Upload - Maker/Checker workflow

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Manager Change - Bulk Upload - Maker/Checker workflow

•In this section we are going to learn how to do manager mapping for a single employee from the

 Manager Change – Bulk Upload-Maker/Checker tab.

•Please follow the below steps do the same.

The same steps can be followed for PMS. 

When doing manager mapping for PMS, 
Kindly note:
In case the screen is freezed when mapping is uploaded, it means that the manager
is not synced with PMS.
In that case,you will have to 'sync' the employee to the PMS. 
This can be done from 'delete and Sync' tab which is available in PMS re-initiation screen. 
You will have to click on 'DELETE AND SYNC FOR ALL'.
Go to PMS-->Process re-initiation-->Delete and sync-->'Delete and sync for all'

To sync the employees

1) Click on the Menu tab on top-left side and then click on “Manager Change” widget.

2) Click on Bulk Upload - Maker/Checker tab and tick mark the claims module then select 

    applicable claims types from list(Check Mark).

3) After that click on “Download template” icon besides the claims title. An excel file will be


4) Open the downloaded template and enter the required fields - Employee code and Approver 1,2,

    depending on the number of approvers for applicable modules. Save the file.

5) Next click on “Upload template file” icon and select the updated template.

6) New screen will appear to view the uploaded file records. User can select if these changes need 

    to be applicable for future or include current transactions as well. Click on Submit button.

7) After clicking on Submit button, the batch will be approved successfully if all the records are 

    correct. Otherwise an error file will be downloaded.

    For now the records are correct hence the approval is successful as shown in below figure.

8) The uploaded batch will be reflected in the left hand side approved batches screen.

9) Click on the Approved batches dropdown to view your approved batch file records.

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