Reason of this message is as follows:


  • OAS Configuration is not done.
  • Configured attribute is not mapped to that user.
  • Multiple attribute is updated to the user.
  • If previous attribute was disabled and same attribute added in the system.


Need to check below points once you got this message.


  • You can follow the below steps for OAS Configuration System:


  1. Log in to your Zing HR account.
  2. On the home screen left-hand top side click on dotted menu  and then ‘OASys“Online Attendance System” ‘ as shown below.


On the new page click on the ‘Settings ’ button for Configuring OAS.


After that click below screen will occur,  select the attributes as per your organization's requirement. (You will able to set the multiple attribute as well if required), and click on the ‘Save Step 1’ button.


After saving the Step 1, in the the same screen you will be able to see the respective attributes,
 As shown in the above screen , we have selected company attribute and after that the attribute's units i.e the companies can be seen.



Select the Attributes as per your organization requirement and new 4 section you will be able to see where you need to do the OAS Configuration setting (If you will select the attribute ‘Company ’ that means configuring OAS on Company Level. Similarly you can able to select other attribute).



Section 1 - Define Master Data


You can define Master level changes in this section ( Will select maximum status for

toggling, give access for master changes using OAS “M” button option)."M" button is nothing but a tab  through which we can change employee's attribute, manager and status .


Click on the ‘Define Master Data ’


You can select the required attendance toggling applicable for the organization, from below screen. Master Values will show in the left side. 


Please Note 

We are ONLY Selecting the Master Attendance Status, NOT Assigning it to any Levels, Assignment part will come in Next Step.


If there are any new attendance toggling status required, this action can only be handled by using Add New Attendance Status, 


  1. Select Status from the ‘Select Status ’ drop down
  2. Enter the status code
  3. Enter the status title 
  4. Click on the ‘Save ’ button


Status Master: 


This is used to add the addition of legends which is not allowed /available in the Master data. Like for Eg. We have default status available as A,P,CL etc. 

But if we want to add the addition leave type to be mark from the OAS then we have to add the same from Status master. 

1 Select Status: This will give you the list of Existing Legends 
2 Status Code: You have to add the new Status which is required like for eg. If we need to add the Sick Leave then we need to add the SiL legend in status code.

3 Status Title: You need to add the description of the Leave Type. As per the status code we have to add the
description like Sick Leave - SiL


Please Note: Any status which you want to add should be available in the Leave Type Master; if it is not available then system will not consider that leave while marking from OAS. 



Section 2 - Configure Approvals Level


In this section you have to set the Attendance cycle, Number of Managers, Backdated – Future dated marking Rules, Edit rights to change the attendance status. 


As shown in below figure you can set the attendance cycle as defined in the TNA and Manager Level. After then you need to set the Configure your work-flow basis pre & post dated rules: through which we can allow managers for the pre – post dated marking (Refer below screen)




 1) Does your organization process payroll on Attendance Cycle?

  • Attendance Cycle is from 01st to 31st of the Month then NO need to activated this flag.
  • Attendance Cycle is From 21st to 20th of the Month, But they are considering Attendance from 1st -20th and from 21st to 30/ 31st they are paying as positive as  Assumption, and recovering in next month for assumed paid days. Hence in this case NO need to activate this flag.
  • ·   Attendance Cycle is From 21st to 20th of the Month and they are considering attendance cycle wise data for processing, NO need to activated this flag.

    2) Applying rules on Finalized Data Required? (Suggestion - Always activated)

  It Is Mandate Clause for all clients, who are going to use P2P, If it is Disable, Nothing will Happen on P2P, No Batch will Generate for Attendance. Currently this flag is default enabled hence not required to do any changes from the configuration.

Please Note: - We have Restriction to Allow back dated attendance marking only to One Month. Even you are entering 2; system will not allow marking attendance for 2 months.

After Back dated month, you will have an option to allow managers to give attendance toggling option to each levels (Based on your Master Configuration)

Please Note: - In below mentioned screen shot, Blue Color is indicates Access Given for toggling, Red Indicates Not allow Manager for toggling attendance.

Click on “Save Step 3” to proceed further.

Section 3 - Define Work-Flow 

You can define different scenario, for Managers to do push to Payroll Activity / Rollback activity / Leave Marking and Reversal / Auto Leave Marking and Reversal.

  • 1) Select Applicable ScenariosAs we have 3 options to save the attendance as draft as shown in the below screen shot. 
    • Scenario I – Once this is enabled all the attendance marking options will be enable to the managers which include the Save as Draft / Finalize & Process / Send for Approval. 
    • Scenario II – This will give you the privilege of Save as Draft and Send for Approval 
    • Scenario III – This will allow you to change the attendance and save as draft. 


  • Functionality of Each option: 


  • Save As Draft: Through this managers will able to toggle the attendance status and then save in the draft, the changes which is done by manager will be reflect directly to the portal and after the attendance process it will reflect in the attendance related reports. To perform the save as draft action it is mandate to change the attendance status first and then you need to do the save as draft else your existing attendance will not consider being update. 
  • Finalize and Process Data: Through this functionality managers will be able to save the existing attendance which is already available in the OAS Grid. For Eg. If manager wants to save the data of all 30 / 31 days in one go then manager can able to do.  Manager can save the attendance in bulk with selecting multiple employees. 
  • Send for Approval: This will help to finalize the attendance so that once this action performed on the attendance after then no one will change the attendance from OAS.


  • 2)  Default Attendance Status: User can select the default attendance status as A OR P OR Blank. As per the available roster data it will visible on the OAS screen, This rule will help you to set the default attendance status which will reflect against the date where manager had not taken any action. 


  • 3) Push to Payroll Button


  • At the end of the cycle, organizations do their payroll based on the processed attendance data / OAS Marking data. We have functionality to push the data from OAS through the Push to Payroll button where user can push the data on Single Click on Push to Payroll button. 
  • To enable the push to payroll button first we need to set the rule ‘Push to Payroll Button Visible for which roles:’ where you have to select the roles to whom that button will be visible. 
  • Along with the above rule you need to set the button visibility range. Refer: Enable Push to Payroll button from 1 to 2 of each current Month.
  • Once data will pushed to the attendance will not be changed and in any case if manager wants to change the attendance after push to payroll then we need to enable to roll back button. ReferRollback for Push to Payroll and Applicable for which roles. Roll back button will enable when Push to Payroll button enabled otherwise it will not be visible. 


Please Note:  you have to select the range which will be applicable to the current month only, like for e.g.: 1 to 10, 21 to 25, 26 to 30 , system will generate the date based on the current month. If you select the range as 25 to 05 then system will not able to generate the date hence we need to set the date range as said.


  • 4) Auto Leave / Leave (L):  You can enable the L button / Auto Leave button and Reversal button as per the requirement. 
  • 5) Leave Balance Deduction FlagThis flag is used when user need to mark the leave on the priority basis, in this user need to enable this rule and need to select the priorities to deduct the leave. 


Please Click on “Save Step 4” 


After Configuration, You need to do Manager Mapping for all Employees to show in OAS Screen. 



  • Each Manager can have unique level of Mapping Like , IF Manager is already 1st Level Approver to few employees and if you mapped other employees to 2nd level then system will show only 1st level employees, While getting the data to reflect on the OAS screen system will check the lowest level of Manager mapping and shows the employees accordingly. 
  • We cannot Exceed Number of Approval more than 3 levels.