Reason of this message is as follows:

  • OAS Configuration is not done.
  • Configured attribute is not mapped to that user.
  • Multiple attribute is updated to the user.
  • If previous attribute was disabled and same attribute added in the system.

Need to check below points once you got this message.

  • OAS Configuration is done or not?. If not configured then you need to do the configuration first.
  • After completion of configuration if you are getting the same message then you need to check that attribute on which you have configured the OAS. The configured attribute has to be updated to the user.
    • For Eg: In configuration Step1 - Company Attribute is selectedAnd after then from the list of that Company Attribute OAS Configured on ABC Attribute unit then that ABC Attribute unit should be mapped to that user.
  • Also need to check whether multiple attribute unit is mapped for that attribute or not? If this is available then you need to update the actual applicable attribute.

On the new page select the attributes as per your organization requirements. (You can able to set the multiple attribute as well), and click on the ‘Save Step 1’ button.

Next below in the the same screen you can able to see the respective attributes.

Select the Attributes as per your organization requirement and against that attribute 4 new sections will be available where you need to do the OAS Configuration setting (If you will select the attribute ‘Company ’ that means configuring OAS on Company Level. Similarly you can able to select other attribute).