Note : - Investment Declaration is to declare the investments what you would be investing in whole year to save the Tax (It is just the declaration) Actual Investment proofs are done at end of the year for what investment declaration Employee has done With actual receipts and proofs.

1. Click on Investment Tab in Menus

2.  Click on the down arrow for the investment head you want to declare the investment.

3. Click on Lender To add in the Home loan Details

4. Fill in the Details and click Add

5On saving the below message is displayed.

6.  After Saving the below amount is visible in Declaration Column.

7.  Click on the save button so that to view in 12BB.

8. Check mark on I Agree and Accept button to generate form 12BB.

9.  Declaration will be saved on the below message

10.  Onclick ok Employee needs to print 12BB for what declaration he is done. Also the declaration done are visible in 12BB