Due to Payhead configuration level the issue occurs, the intial step before processing 

Check Payhead property from Payhead Master Report.

1. If there are multiple payhead description eg. 

a)    Payheadcode = Gratallw / LEEN

    payheaddescription = Gratutity / Leave Encashment

    Payhead category = Allowance

b)    Payheadcode = Gratutity / LeaveEncash

    payheaddescription = Gratutity / Leave Encashment 

    Payhead category = Allowance


   In above condition there will be an error in processing as the description is same though the payheadcode is different


2. Fix Payhead is inactive but Arrear payhead for the same fix head is active the processing will not work and give error.

    Kindly deactivate the arrear head through ADD/EDIT Payhead in Compensation & Benefits

3. Payhead property should be same for all paygroup eg. If the paygroup is configured on Grades or department and Basic head is 

   Fixed applicable true then the configuration to be Fixed applicable true on all Paygroups.

4. Fixed payhead created but Arrears property / configuration is missing, please do the same through compensation & benefit