Mid  Payout - We have  introduced new feature in payroll . The main objective of this  is to pay some variable amount, Advance amount to employees in between of the month. Now most of the customer needs this feature to pay the Bonus amount, Advance salary, Extra payment in Diwali or some other occasion for their employees out of the regular salary in middle of the month. This is based on configuration set from front end . 


Click on Setup Circle ---> Payroll & Compliance 



Once the Mid Payout  is enabled from front end it will reflect under payroll screen . You can create template also . 




You can only add variable template in Mid Payout . 






Once the template is created  ,under Process Mid Payout is added . Here two tabs has been added By E-Code and By Excel Upload .You can create a Batch .The workflow remains same as previous forms .




Under Mid pay report category following reports has been added . 

·  Pay Register

·  Bank Report

·  Tax Register 

·  YTD Report


Under My Compensation , Mid Pay Out Pay Slip has been added .Please refer below image 




Under Pay Slip Generation ,Mid pay out tab has been introduced .






Mid Pay out has also been introduced in Maker Checker .Please refer below image . 





Mid Payout will also reflect under Pay Slip configuration . Under Pay Slip Type Mid Payout will reflect if it belongs to Mid Pay Out category .


Click on Setup Circle --->Payroll and Compliance --->Select Pay Roll ALL --->Configure Pay Slip 




Zero Touch Payroll - Mid Month Payout has been introduced in Zero Touch payroll . New Payhead Category added in Comp & Benefit (MID Month Payment, Provisional Pay).Mid Month variable data can be updated from Payroll cockpit - Mid Payout (Variable template) and integrate with VP through API.Based on configuration Mid Pay processing type added for batch creation, For Mid Pay user can create batch "By E-code" OR "By Excel Upload" option.  Once user select Mid Pay option two addition option added in filter for Batch creation.

A). Select Category

B). Select Payhead

Once Batch is created user can download MidPay register and Audit data. After data finalization Payment data can be updated and it can be migrated to product for Payslip through "Finalising Payslips Data" button. 


Click on Zero Touch Payroll Menu -->Generate Lots & Reports-->Select Mid Pay category under processing type . 








Note - The configuration is done from backend . If you wish to avail Mid Month Payout in Virtual Payroll jira ticket has to be raised .