Dos and Don’t while performing the On boarding activity in recruitment - emphasizing Profession Tax in Statutory details.

1. Earlier the Profession tax attribute used to get automatically selected in the on boarding activity. However, now it has to be manually selected from On Boarding section - Joining Confirmation - Statutory Details

        2. If PT Applicable is checked, the PT states are needed to be select from the  Candidate Application Form following the below steps :


a. Click on edit symbol on left side in the employee detail section



b. In candidate application form -> Choose Attributes for Candidate -> select desired Profession Tax State.



c. If step 1 is followed but step 2.b is not followed then system will not allow user to move to next step and the below message would be appearing on the screen.



   Please note:


a . "ProfessionTax" is a payheadcode  that needs to be created. If you wish to show  PT head in salary fitment. 

b.For visibility of ProfessionTaxstate attribute in Candidate Application Form we need to enable it from  Setup Circle under eRecruitment & Onborading -> Attribute configuration-> and choose Recruitment all in Module Name