We can follow the below steps to create new policy in Zing HR: 

1. Log in to your Zing HR account.

2.Click on the Setup Circle as Shown in below Screenshot.

3. A new window will open. Then click on 'Performance Management'.

4. The Assessment Cycle Definition Window will open. Then Click on Add Cycle as Shown in  below Screenshot to create a new policy.

5. Enter Policy Details as Shown Below:

6. Once the Policy is Saved.Click on Edit Button as shown is below Screenshot.

7. Follow the steps as shown in below screenshot to select attribute for your policy.

Note: Here I am creating a policy without selecting any attributes(Flat Policy).Flat Policy means no attributes is selected for that particular policy

8.After selecting attributes select the actors as shown in below screenshot.

An Appraisal Policy window will open after selecting actors.Follow the below steps to enable policy.

Step 1:Goal Setting Configuration.


IMP: After making changes in steps kindly click on 'Save and move to Next Step' so that the data gets saved.In case if this is not clicked the data will NOT be  saved for that particular step.

Step 2:Perspective.

What is Perspective?

Perspective means to cover almost all the business aspects of the organization.It consist of the financial front ,the customer point of view the process which is internally followed.

Step 3:Competencies Configuration.

 What is Competency?

 It is a skill required to achieve the goals.

Step 4:Calendar and Scheduling Configurations.


IMP: The policy will not be configured as per Starts On and Ends on entered days.