How to check  if  Register  Gross salary  and tax computation gross salary not matched


This problem comes only when in payhead master (Fixed, Taxapp, Spottaxapp, Grossnetapp) properties/configuration are not same in multiple paygroups.  

Please find below steps to change and check payhead properties:


  • 1) Download payhead master report from report gallery 
  • 2) Then take only payheadcode with properties Fixed,Taxapp,Spottaxapp,Grossnetapp True.
  • 3) Check this 4 properties are same in all paygroup , if not then update/rectify the properties through pay head master template.
  • 4) Do the template Configuration and Re -download the payheadmaster template and check the properties are same (ie. The rectified changes are reflecting)
  • 5) Please reprocess salary to get the tax effects and check the same through tax register. Verify the Tax computation of employees.
  • 6) One more option is please check form16 gross breakup report and To Cross check verify tax computation breakup head wise.


Download  payhead master report





Then find distinct record with fixed, grossnet ,taxapp,spottaxapp property




After that please update same property for all pay group  through  payhead master template