While applying leave getting 'Insufficient Leave Balance' validation message


This message will appears when user will try to take the leave more than available balance OR in the case of compoff balance if required rule is not set. Refer below points which need to check in the leave rule builder.

Find error message screenshot as per below

Solution :

Find below checkpoints :

Go to Menu --> ZingLogin --> Leave Management System --> Leave Rule Builder 

  • 1) If include weekly off /holiday rule is enabled and 1 balance is available and user is trying to apply the leave before / after the weekly off/holiday.

  • 2) Above same rule will be applicable for Compoff leave type. If still receiving the message of insufficient balance then you need to check should this leave type treated as Comp off which could be Yes.

  • 3) 'Is Negative balance' rule is set.

    Also in addition to above rule, if Maximum Negative balance for Leave type is set to "Fixed Days" then need to define the Maximum Negative balance upto days for Leave Type. If user exceeds the Maxim days limit then user will get the message for the same. OR you can set the rule to Unlimited.

    As well, we can check an availability of leave balance to be deducted through defined leave sub type as per the defined sequence.