Leave Tab is not visible on Employee's dashboard



There are multiple reasons for leave tab not visible to employee’s dashboard. 


  • 1) When employee created at the time leave group not updated properly.
  • 2) If application allowed from the Date of Confirmation and Date of confirmation is not updated OR it is future dated date of confirmation.
  • 3) If date of Birth is not updated properly OR date of Birth is not available. 
  • 4) If Gender is not updated properly.
  • 5) If Employee Status is Resigned OR it is marked resigned from ELC Module. 
  • 6) If Leave Types not configured in the leave group which is mapped to the employee?
  • 7) If Marital Status is not updated properly and it is configured in the system.


To identify the above pointer please refer below points. 


1) When employee created at the time leave group not updated properly.

Once employee created in the system you need to check the Leave Group for that employee in the Leave Group Report, on the employee creation employee must tag to the leave group through the employee creation process, in any case if it is not tagged to any leave then accrual will not done and due to that Leave Tab will not visible to the employee. If it is existing case where Leave Group is not available then you have to upload the leave group through the template and check your query post the scheduled leave accrual process done. 

2) If application allowed from the Date of Confirmation and Date of confirmation is not updated OR it is future dated date of confirmation

We have rule available in the Leave Rule Builder where you can restrict the leave application based on the date of confirmation where employee can able to apply the leave from its actual date of confirmation, hence If this kind of query comes to you then you need to check the Leave Application rule first and if it is from date of confirmation then you have to check the date of confirmation of that employee. If it is not updated properly then leave tab will not visible and employee will not able to take the leave. 

3) If date of Birth is not updated properly OR date of Birth is not available.  

We have one rule of AGE GROUP in the leave rule builder where we can specify the Age group and based on that employee will applicable for that leave type. Age calculation is depends on the Date of Birth and because of that employees date of birth is important to update, if you update the wrong date of birth OR based on date of birth if age not falls in the range of rule then employee will not applicable for the Accrual. 
Hence you have to update the proper date of birth. 

4)  If Gender is not updated properly.

Few of the leave type is depends on the Employee’s gender. For Eg: Maternity / Paternity leave. Hence while employee creation you have to mention gender properly, because if you add the gender as Female for any Male employee then Paternity Leave accrual will be done for that male employee similarly it is possible to other leave type also. 

5) If Employee Status is Resigned OR it is marked resigned from ESEP Module.  

We have rule for Restriction of Leave on Resignation, in this case user first need to check the rule from the Setup and then need to check the employee status. In the few cases it is possible that in the report employee status shows existing and still tab not visible. Hence in that case user need to check whether that employee marked resigned from the ELC module and if it is marked from ELC module then leave tab will not visible. 


6)  If Leave Types not configured in the leave group which is mapped to the employee? 

In the few cases we have identified that for the leave group , leave configuration for any single leave type not done and that leave group mapped to the employee. 
For Eg. If Employee C001 mapped to the Common and in the common leave type no leave types is configured then employee will not eligible for any leave type even if you upload the leave from the template. 


7) If Marital Status is not updated properly and it is configured in the system.

For any leave type if it is necessary that this leave will be applicable for married / single employee then system will validate the employee’s marital status and based on that it will allow for the visibility of leave tab. Hence you have to check the Leave rule from the setup and cross check along with the employee’s marital status.