Checklist trigger & Approver Change Instruction

1) If employee's dol has been changed from E-Resign override and set as backdated LWD then the checklist will trigger to checklist stakeholders in Attributewise and By Days configuration.

2) If the reporting manager has been resigned and you have change the employee reporting manager. The reporting manager checklist will move post job run.
The Job name is [ELC].[Sep_RmChecklistMovement]

3) If you have set the checklist trigger configuration on basis of By Days, you need to schedule the below job to trigger the checklist.

The Job name is [ELC].[Sep_InitiateEmpChecklist_JOB]

4) Before changing the owner of checklist, first tick on the Include current transaction configuration and save it. If in case you want to move the checklist transaction to new checklist owner then you need to change the approver else you can use Future transaction configuration.