Steps to be follow for making changes in EMAIL TEMPLATE

Go to Setup Circle - E-Recruitment and On-boarding - Email Template


Note : Below steps applicable o all Email template below is an example for format understanding 






Below image is an Old Format , highlighted part user want to changes with desired text so they can do the same from front end 







Below Image is post making changes in Email template check the highlighted content 






To apply changes click on SAVE 

Email preview is given to check changes done by user before using this template in routine by user 








Frequently asked questions about Email Template :-


How many EMAIL ID we can add in CC EMAIL SECTION : 

Except Panel Member, HR, Reporting Manager, Recruiter , Signing Authority

If user want to send mail to other Employees then CC EMIAL option available in front end

Here, user can add upto 10 EMAILID

This feature is available for all email template.



Can we make changes in FROM EMAIL ID : -


NO, we can no make changes in From Email ID.