To block  "Tax Simulator"  Tab for employee  

  • 1. Please login from  "Admin" login  

  • 2. Go  to investment verification tab

  • 3. Click  on  Tax Smulator On/OFF option

  • 4. There is  two  option for select filter  option 

> Employee code  wise
> Attribute  Wise  /Status  wise                                 

  • 5.  If you  choose  select  employee code wise  then after please put employees code  with comma  then  select  StartDate -EndDate  (IT should  be previous  date from current  date  ) if requierd  put message in text  box then  click  on save  button

  • 6. If you  choose  Attribute wise  and  status  wise  the n select  staus  and  Attribute then same  as its StartDate  -- Enddate (IT should  be previous  date from current  date  ) then click  on save 

  • 7. After click on save button this  employees  lis  showing below  section  with StartDate  EndDate

Note :- if current date  between start date and EndDate  so that  this employees  able  to  tax simulator  option


Home -->Investment Verification ->tax simulator on /off 


Home --> Investment Verification

Investment Verification -->  Tax Simulator On/OFF

Tax Simmulator On/Off -->Employee  code  wise

Tax Simulator On/Off -- Attribute wise /emp status  wise

Tax simulator - List  of employee